What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ?

Aug 10

Perfectly delicious blueberry scones

Blueberry scones by Marta Greber

Scones were never an easy subject for me. If you’re reading my blog from time to time you most probably know about my many failures in the matter. Well, not anymore! I made this awesome scones with feta and herbs some time ago and it turned out perfectly yummy. I assumed that my bad luck is over but still… I was a bit scared. After so many failures with fruit scones I didn’t feel like trying again. I know that you may be thinking - scones are easy to make. Not for me. I can prepare some crazy complicated meals, but scones… not so much. This time I took a risk, if you can call “a risk” a recipe created by an amazing baker. I’m talking here about Monet, if you don’t know her blog yet, check it out. I’ve tried many of her sweet treats and I was always satisfied. I replaced few ingredients but only because I didn’t have everything needed at home. You can use two kinds of yogurt or just one or half half if you’re living in a country where you can get one (I haven’t seen it in Berlin). I’m telling you, this scones are amazing. I made 6 and they disappeared just like this. Ok I live with Tomasz, so I kind of know how they disappeared ;)

Blueberry scones by Marta GreberBlueberry scones by Marta Greber

You will need for 6:

In a bowl place flour, baking powder and salt. Mix the ingredients and add a butter cut in small cubes and rub it into the flour mix. Add thyme, yogurts (you can choose one), sugar, blueberries and mix everything with a wooden spoon. Then start to knead it delicately. Form a round shape about 2 cm high. Cut round shapes using a form or a glass. Brush each scone with an egg yolk mixed with milk.

Bake in 200*C (400*F) for about 15 minutes.

Enjoy, Marta

Blueberry scones by Marta GreberBlueberry scones by Marta GreberBlueberry scones by Marta Greber

Aug 07

Eat Berlin - Tischendorf, Neukoln

Eat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta Greber

I’ve been passing this place far too many times. The big advantage of Neukoln neighbourhood is that you can enjoy an enormous amount of lovely cafes. With time, when you get to learn your favourite ones, it may become also a disadvantage, as it’s too easy to miss a lovely spot.

Eat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta Greber

Tischendorf is definitely worth checking out. When I entered the place the first thing I’ve heard was Talking Heads’ song and it made a great first impression. And then the interior. It may look like a typical Berlin style cafe, but has this little lovely elements like handmade plackets with informations about products. Raw wall surrounded by other white ones make the trick. Wooden tables and chairs, old school counter with yummy treats and nice art on walls. Everything creates a good, friendly vibe.

Eat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta Greber

I ordered a breakfast special and what I got made me almost cry out of happiness (hormones!). My taste buds went wild and I’ve achieved a moment of a “happy after meal meditation”, when life looks just like it should (full of rainbows and unicorns). I wasn’t happy with my coffee, but I like it in a specific way and since I can have only one per day, it’s important that this one particular cup rocks my day. But the food, oh… you want it!

Eat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta Greber

The only tiny thing that didn’t fit was a lady who served me, definitely she wasn’t in a mood. She had this “smiling is just wrong” and “I don’t associate with customers” attitude. Well, I’m not judging here, it happens and everyone has a right to have a worse day. And this is a hormonal pregnant lady speaking. When I have a bad day I have this strange feeling that Tomasz and cats magically disappear and I can’t find them anywhere. If I didn’t know better I’d say that they’re avoiding me. The whole “lady not in a mood” thing definitely didn’t ruin the impression, as the cooking lady who served my plate was the sweetest. I think she knew how awesome the food was.

Eat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta Greber

Tischendorf, Friedeistrasse 25, Neukölln

Open daily 9am - 8pm.


dog friendly

Eat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta GreberEat Berlin - Tischendorf by Marta Greber

Aug 06

Millet cakes with roasted veggies and poached egg

Millet cakes with roasted veggies and poached egg / Marta Greber

Countryside is a magical place. As I wrote in a previous post I used to think that I’m a city girl but I may be changing my mind. Maybe it’s an influance of our little girl growing in my belly, but I start to feel like it’s time to have my own cow, sheep and chickens. If I could only exclude mosquitoes out of the picture…

Weekend with friends / Marta GreberWeekend with friends / Marta Greber

Spending a weekend with an amazing foodies is a great idea, but spending it with foodies who eat only histamine and gluten free meals is an adventure. We ate a delicious cake together and I had a chance to observe “behind the scene” process of photographing it. If you’re taking pictures of food and you think that everyone else have most probably different, more professional approach than you, well… it seems that all of us stand on a table from time to time ;)

Weekend with friends / Marta GreberWeekend with friends / Marta Greber

As we all had a lot of work lately, the only goal for the weekend was to relax and have fun. And we all did. There were very funny jokes around, some not that funny but made me lough like crazy (hormones!), lake and swimming, eating in a garden, early morning walks combined with a fight against mosquitos and delicious food. I am blessed with good people around me. Thanks to Laura and Nora I know that histamine and gluten free diet may be delicious and fun. You can check out some of their recipes if interested.

Weekend with friends / Marta GreberWeekend with friends / Marta Greber

After our return home I’ve discovered, that the “cat free zone” is not that cat free anymore. We forgot to close a door, so my bed was their fun area for two days. Again, we had a small fight and there was screaming through a closed door when I’ve informed Lola and Ryszard that they can’t sleep with us. I can’t wait for the same fights with my child, but who will be scratching the door?

Today I’d like to interest you in delicious millet cakes. Millet is my new obsession and I like to use it as much as quinoa. Cakes are delicious and have grated cheddar cheese inside. I chose to serve it with roasted vegetables and a poached egg. A friend told me how to poach eggs in a very easy way and it’s working, so I have to share it with you.

Take a kitchen foil and grease it with butter. Place it on a top of a cup and push a bit inside so there will be a space to place an egg. Place an egg without a shell in it and knot the foil. Place it in a boiling water for 3 minutes. And that’s it! No vinegar, no salt, no water stirring. Then just cut off the knot and delicately place your poached egg on a plate.

Weekend with friends / Marta Greber

You will need for 2:

Place millet, water, salt and pepper in a pot and cook as you usually do or as a package suggests. Ready millet put on a side so it cools down. Shred onion and garlic and fry on a bit of an oil. Let it cool down. In a bowl mix millet, onion with garlic, egg, bread crumbs and cheese.

Form cakes in your hands and fry them on both sides over a medium heat until it gets golden.

Meantime cut zucchini and capsicum in stripes and bake in 150*C until it gets soft. Poach your eggs (see above how to do it).

Serve 3 cakes with half of roasted veggies and a poached egg.

Enjoy, Marta

Weekend with friends / Marta GreberWeekend with friends / Marta GreberWeekend with friends / Marta GreberWeekend with friends / Marta Greber

Aug 02

Savoury oatmeal with poached egg and a hollandaise sauce

Savoury oatmeal with ham, poached egg and a hollandaise sauce

This weekend we’ll be spending on a countryside with our friends. I promise to post some pictures with the next entry as they have the most amazing country house I’ve ever seen. I am already in love with it and I want to stay there forever. I used to think of myself as a city girl, but now I have doubts. If you have any good tips on how to take over a house of your friends without making them stop liking you, please share it with me ;)

For now we’re relaxing, and as my friends are foodies as well, we’re making some delicious food together. I definitely need to start a new series on my blog called “breakfast with friends”. I’d love you to meet some of them. Friends influence our life and I know that I’d be a totally different person without them. I am also happy that our baby girl will have an awesome group of aunties and uncles.

I’d also like to thank you for some great tips for our “cats free zone” situation. I hope it will help with these hungry-for-an-extra-space animals.

You will need for 2:

Start with an oatmeal. In a pot place oats and water, season with salt and pepper and cook for about 10 minutes on a medium heat. I am sure you know how to make your porridge :) When it’s thick and cooked, it means it’s done. Mix in a tablespoon of pesto into it.

Making a poached egg is not the simplest thing in the world, but it’s not as difficult as we think. It helps to add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon of salt to the boiling water and then, just before adding the egg, you need to stir the water (you can always replace it with a soft boiled or fried one). The recipe for a homemade hollandaise sauce you can find over here.

Divide porridge between two bowls. Sprinkle some cheese over it, place avocado, ham, poached egg and pour your homemade hollandaise sauce. Sprinkle cayenne pepper over it and eat with a pleasure :)

Enjoy, Marta

Savoury oatmeal with ham, poached egg and a hollandaise sauce

Aug 01

Super delicious overnight bircher muesli

Overnight bircher muesli

We made a cat free zone in our apartment – our bedroom. There were few reasons. First one being Ryszard – almost 5 kg of a cat – trying to sleep on my face each night. Second, Lola attacking our feet in a bloody game or them both chasing each other and running across our bodies at 3 am. Ryszard is one of these smart cats which should be a character in a cartoon. He knows how to open our bedroom door! Luckily, we are smart humans who know how to use a key. At least we thought that this is smart. What we experience right now on every night basis is slightly different than before - two cats screaming behind the locked bedroom door, scratching it and jumping on a handle about 100 times per hour. I admire their spirit but there are moments when I love them slightly less after a severe night. Today I’ve learned that it will pass… after about 2 years – apparently that’s how long it takes to train a cat. In few months we will have a bigger screamer around, so Ryszard and Lola won’t have a chance. But for now, ear plugs are our liberation.

After a hard night you need a rewarding, not too complicated breakfast. Bircher muesli prepared the night before will work well over here. In the morning we simply need to add fruits, nuts, yogurt and honey.

Overnight bircher muesliOvernight bircher muesli

You will need:

Place oats in a bowl, add grated apple, lemon and apple juice, cover with a foil and place in a fridge for a night.

In the morning divide oats between two bowls, add roasted nuts, spoon of yogurt, fruits and pour a bit of honey.

Enjoy, Marta

Overnight bircher muesliOvernight bircher muesli

Jul 29

Rice flour pancakes with a plum compote

Healthy pancakes with plum compote

Sharing big news is tricky. You never know how your friends and family will react and it’s hard to decide how to tell them. Well, I didn’t have such a problem. I’ve discovered that I’m pregnant when I was traveling in New Zealand and Tomasz was in Sydney at the time. I was so excited that I sent him a video on Instagram followed by a message that it’s a serious matter and he has to see it and answer ASAP. He had no clue what’s going on. We still have the video, well, I think we may even keep it. With family it was even simpler. They kept asking us about children (parents do it’ don’t they) and one day we just told them if you want it so much just come over on the beginning of December as there will be one petit Greber waiting for you. And now I’m sharing it with you.

I think that there will be small changes on a blog as I feel like eating again! Yay! For the last few months I wasn’t cooking too much. The main reason was that I had no appetite at all. I was ready for this kind of feelings during the first trimester. I remember being super happy when the forth month has started. Picture me with a fork and knife, sitting next to my table and waiting for an appetite to arrive. Nothing. Then the fifth month came and I got more and more excited with each day, for the baby and for my taste buds to wake up. Baby was very happy, dancing inside me, and my taste buds were still sleeping. I went through few phases - not feeling hungry at all, eating veggies without excitement, not feeling like home made sweets at all, eating everything without excitement, then feeling that everything is sour (not the coolest experience for a foodie). But yesterday in the afternoon something has changed… I think I’m hungry for something delicious… am I really? Is it happening? Is my appetite for goodies back? Will I feel like spending hours in my kitchen again? So many questions! For this moment I feel like pancakes with a plum compote, chocolate dessert with something floating inside, lets say chocolate with peanut butter and maybe cinnamon rolls. Happy, happy days!

For a start I made a big breakfast influenced by this pictures. Pancakes are pretty healthy as I made them out of a rice flour. They go perfectly with a homemade plum compote. I hope you’ll enjoy it as I did.

Healthy pancakes with plum compoteHealthy pancakes with plum compote

You will need for compote:

For pancakes:

Start with a compote. Place drilled plums, sugar, water and cinnamon in a pot and cook over a medium heat for few minutes, so the flums start to soften. Then add a corn stretch and mix with a wooden spoon. You will see that the compote will thicken a bit. Put it on side and start preparations for pancakes.

In bowl place all the ingredients for pancakes, mix it well. Heat a frying pan with a bit of oil and pour one big spoon of the dough. It depends if you like small or big pancakes. Fry it on each side until golden brown. You should get about 8 medium pancakes.

Serve it with plums in compote and few mint leafs.

Enjoy, Marta

Healthy pancakes with plum syrupHealthy pancakes with plum syrup

Jul 23

Hot sandwich with pesto, tomato and mozzarella

Hot sandwich with pesto, tomato and mozzarella

I want to call this sandwich a super sandwich. It’s hot, delicious and contains a melting cheese. I made it three times this week and it’s only Wednesday and I want more. Tomasz wants more as well. Total luck of control. Big thanks to Allyson for posting this recipe. We loooooove it. And if you like easy, fast and delicious recipes, this one is for you!

Hot sandwich with pesto, tomato and mozzarella

You will need:

Spread a bit of butter on each side of each slice, then pesto on one slice (just one side that will be inside of a sandwich), cover it with mozzarella and tomato slices, spread pesto on a top slice and cover the sandwich with it. Heat a pan and fry on each side until golden brown. I covered my pan with a lid so the cheese will melt.

Enjoy, Marta

Hot sandwich with pesto, tomato and mozzarella

Jul 22

Eat Berlin - Hermann Eicke

Eat Berlin - Hermann Eicke

When someone tells you that you need to check out one place, you do it. Especially when this tip comes from Michael who has an exquisite taste in Berlin cafes and restaurants. What you can find in Hermann Eicke are yummy bagels with interesting extras, super friendly owners, killer homemade lemonade and a cold chocolate that will blow your mind. I am not kidding - it was served with a cream and a ball of ice cream. I also enjoyed their bircher muesli, very fulfilling and you can taste apples inside.

I must admit that I’m in love with the interior - plenty of space, minimalistic, yet inviting. I went there few times just for a bite, but the last one was to make some work. It’s easy to concentrate there with relaxing atmosphere, nice tunes and refreshing coffee.

It’s located in Mitte, so if you’re a Berliner, discover this place and if you came over for a visit, have a break over there. And definitely try the cold chocolate drink!

Eat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann EickeEat Berlin - Hermann Eicke

Hermann Eicke - Brunnenstraße 45, Berlin - Mitte

Mo-Fr 8:00-19:00, Sa-So 9:00-19:00


Jul 16

Oatmeal shake with currants

Oatmeal shake with currants

Oatmeal is a super cool breakfast. It’s yummy and you can add fruits, your favourite spices, yogurt or whatever you like (so many options!). It also makes you feel full for a long time and gives you energy. During a summer period (we have an amazing weather in Berlin and temperature rises to 30*C) we don’t usually feel like eating anything hot for a breakfast, but if you’re an oatmeal fan, there is a solution. You can prepare an overnight oatmeal or this delicious shake. It’s very refreshing for sure and you can mix in whatever you like. If you want to get wild in the morning, you could always add some ice as well ;)

Oatmeal shake with currants

You will need:

Place everything except for coconut flakes in a blender and give it a good blend. Garnish with coconut flakes.

Enjoy, Marta

Oatmeal shake with currants

Jul 12

Millet crepes served with a pineapple baked in a coconut milk and quark

Millet crepes with a coconut pineapple

Hello weekend and a great weather, I’ve been missing you. I want to spend as much time outside as possible, but a good breakfast is a must. I made this one yesterday as a part of a “millet experiments. This crepes taste heavenly and baked pineapple makes it even more special. You get quite a lot of dough out of the recipe, I left half for the next day. I also enjoyed a flavour of a delicate quark mixed with a sweet fruit. I am sure that this crepes will go great with veggies and I am going to try this idea out as well.

But going back to ingredients, don’t you thick that pineapple is an amazing fruit, so beautiful and the flavour is unique as well. I like to keep in on a table for a while, as it looks so exotic. I found an interesting recipe for grilled pineapple, but since it was raining, I baked mine. Check out the original recipe over here.

For crepes, I followed a recipe created by a polish blogger Gdy w brzuchu burczy. I love that you can blend millet with milk, add a bit of a four and something amazing appears.

Millet crepes with a coconut pineappleMillet crepes with a coconut pineapple

You will need for crepes:

For pineapple:


Cook millet. I cook it with 2 cups of water on a high heat and then leave it under the cover for another 10. But be careful, if you have a gas stove you may want to reduce the temperature a bit.

Place millet in a blender with milk and blend it. Then add the rest of ingredients and mix it. Leave aside for about 30 minutes. Then fry your pancakes on a pan with a bit of an oil.

Meantime prepare the pineapple. Peel it an cut in rings, brush it with a coconut milk and sprinkle with a cinnamon sugar (brown sugar mixed with cinnamon). Bake in 175*C for about 15-20 minutes.

Serve crapes filled with quark and with a pier of a pineapple.

Enjoy, Marta

Millet crepes with a coconut pineappleMillet crepes with a coconut pineappleMillet crepes with a coconut pineapple