What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ?

Feb 16

Healthy quinoa bars

When you miss one city for far too long, you feel like a tourist when you’re back. I’ve been discovering Berlin quite a lot lately. One reason is that we had a friend over but also I want to make a small Berlin guide with my most favourite spots. I did not cook much, instead I kept eating out (more Eat Berlin posts on a way). But yesterday at night I got this amazing recipe from a friend and it turned out I had most of ingredients home. I modified it just a little bit and what came out is simply awesome(the original recipe at He needs food). Healthy, easy to make, vegan and yummy. You can give it to your kids, pack if for work, or eat it piece after piece for a whole day like me and Tomasz did.

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Feb 09

Eat Berlin - Mogg & Melzer

If you live in Berlin, walk around Mitte from time to time and don’t know this place, there’s a chance, that you passed Mogg & Melzer a couple of times. I did, and I knew where I was going. It is located in an old Jewish Girls’ School and hidden behind a big wooden door. When you get inside turn right and you’ll find it. Restaurant is a room with a minimalistic interior, where they serve the best pastrami in town. Wooden tables, chairs and benches, violet pillow from time to time and an open kitchen makes the place look good.

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Feb 03

Rosemary, raisin and almond bread

There is this saying that if something sounds too good to be true, most probably it is. Well, listen to this - it takes 5 minutes to make a bread and 30 to bake it. It’s so good, that it disappears straight away. I’ve found the original recipe on My Kitchen Affair blog, I made few changes and here it is.

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Feb 01

Hot chocolate with mint and almonds

Hot chocolate is a beautiful drink. It tastes amazing, looks good and almost everyone is excited about it.

Before meeting Mr. T. I was a winter girl, I used to snowboard whenever possible and I loved mountains during the winter period (I still love it, just don’t visit that often anymore). Hot chocolate, hot tea with an electric twist (we call it like this in Poland when we add alcohol to tea) and hot wine was a must when I was in mountains. Things has changed. Since almost 8 years (since I am married too Mr T.) we are kind of avoiding winter. No idea why, it’s just happening. But I still have a warm heart for hot chocolate, so here comes a recipe.

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Jan 29

Focaccia with garlic and cilantro topping

This is a family breakfast or breakfast for one, or for a couple that know and like each other strong enough not to care about a huge amount of garlic in it.

I made focaccia many times, but this one is based on Nigella’s recipe. It is brushed with a delicious mix of roasted garlic, chilli flakes and cilantro. I made it mostly because good food may heal you plus I hoped that garlic will influence my cold. I definitely smell like it now, but it was worth it. We had this great morning with Tomasz, eating focaccia, drinking coffee and making plans. I have a feeling that this year will rock my world, as if our plans work out, two of my big dreams will come true. So fingers crossed.

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Jan 25

Green omelette

I could not run away from it. With a first snow a first cold came. I like to stay at home in my pyjama, reading and drinking hot tea with lemon and honey. But I don’t like being in a half dream state. It’s difficult to think and organise myself. It’s just a short post as it’s hard to write as well. This omelette is easy to prepare and original in taste. Perfect as a morning treat for a sick person.

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Jan 22

Buckwheat muffins with apple, banana and avocado

Hallo Berlin! We’re back! On Friday I’ve experienced the first snow in this winter and I felt like a 5 year old child. I wanted to make angels and a snowmen. Berlin is amazing, but I also enjoy being back in my apartment, especially in my kitchen. Is it strange that I missed my table, plates and mornings in the kitchen? I truly did.

To say a proper “hallo”, I made delicious and healthy muffins. The beauty of this recipe is, that you’re making only 4, so you’re not tempted to eat 10 at once (believe me, you will want it). I found an original recipe on Whole Living site and I had to add avocado.

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Jan 20

Barcelona Guide

I spent in Barcelona beautiful 3 months and I can honestly say that I know 1/1000 of the city ;) It’s full of cafes, restaurants, markets and beautiful places everywhere you go. Unique architecture and loud locals make you feel like in a land of an adventure. I’ve been asked far too many times for tips about Barcelona, so here is everything I have to share. Just few places I enjoyed a lot, hopefully you’ll like them as well.

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Jan 14

Empanadas with tomatoes and cream cheese

The day to pack and clean our apartment in Barcelona came. It is amazing how many think you’re able to collect during only 3 months, like too many too good magazines, far too pretty plates to leave behind, fabric with black heads of cats and a real cat. We came with one cat, we’ll be flying back with two. Can’t wait! But I must tell you that except for few days with a total sleep deprivation when I wanted the world to end, I do not regret having Lola in our life. I hope that she won’t regret it while in a plane.

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Jan 10

Lemon and rosemary loaf

When you move between different cities and have a chance to live in them for a while, you are a happy happy person (I am). But each action goes with reaction. What do I mean? There is a small chance that I’ll come back to Barcelona any time soon. I have not even a week left and I am wild. If you’re from Barcelona and you see crazy lady running around, eating as much as possible and telling everyone how much she likes this city, this may be me. So just ignore me and move on, hahaha.

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