What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ?

Jun 18

Eat Berlin - Cafe Valentin

Eat Berlin - Cafe Valentin - White table

I’ve been introduced to Cafe Valentin by Jessica from Best Wishes Magazine. We were planning on catching up after my longer absence and she simply said that I’ll love this place. Well, I do.

This Swedish cafe has it’s charm. Interesting interior with wooden elements, vintage tables and lovely little details. Food is delicious and their sandwiches look like an explosion of summer on a plate. For sure they have few unique positions like fruit iced tea including fruits and herbs or Swedish cakes. I’ve tried their cinnamon rolls twice and each time it was awesome. But the most important element is of course a friendly service. They’ll welcome you with a smile and a good word. You can stay as long as you feel like with a book, computer or over a coffee and you’ll feel relaxed and welcomed.

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Jun 14

Pancakes with strawberries

I am in a middle of an amazing adventure and it’s started few weeks ago. It made me discover Berlin from another yummy side (I am not overrating anything over here) and it’s like being a new-be again. Sometimes we think that we know a lot and then someone asks us to look on it from a different perspective. And it makes us realise that we have so much more to discover. If you’re planning a trip to Berlin and you’re into more than cafes, you should subscribe to Cee Cee newsletter, so you’ll now what’s going on in this amazing city. Believe me, there’s a lot on a plate.

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Jun 10

Greens, halloumi and egg

Tomasz is the healthy part of our family, well, maybe except for his little Nutella addition. I am a sweet tooth and a big fan of pancakes, honey, fritters … so many good options to have. But since it’s hot in Berlin I feel like eating greens all the time. And it’s a good thing. I grab my basket and walk between stands hidden under big umbrellas and I collect my veggies. Farmers markets have this special atmosphere, people are in hurry but they enjoy their time as well.

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Jun 08

Eat Berlin - Concierge Coffee

I made a decision to reduce an amount of caffeine in my blood so I’m drinking 1 cup of coffee per day. It makes this particular one very important and believe me it’s worth traveling from Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg to have it at Concierge Coffee.

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Jun 05

Healthy quinoa cooked with strawberries in orange juice.

I can hardly remember my days in Sydney, morning walks on a beach with beautifully smelling coffee in my hand. I did it each day for a month and each morning was better than a previous one. I loved small coffee shop on a way to Bondi, great barista who always knew how to make a perfect cup for me. And then a crowded beach at 6:30 am. Sydney was exercising, running, swimming or joining me for a coffee. I am back in Berlin but some things stayed unchanged. I still get up early, enjoy my coffee and a walk. Do you like to observe life of your city? Berlin is amazing in the morning. People going to work or preparing for an important meeting at a coffee shop, others coming back from a party or mothers with newborns. It’s all here. I usually go to Goodies, as it’s the only place with a good coffee open at 7 am in my neighbourhood. I’d like to experiment some more so if you happen to know cafe in Friedrichshain that’s open this early please let me know.

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Jun 03

Strawberry fritters

My obsession with strawberries is growing and I am grateful and relieved that prices go down. Yesterday I had quinoa cooked with strawberries for a breakfast (I’ll post a recipe soon), strawberry fritters with a lovely friend Erin and then dumplings with strawberries and sour cream (some of us added chocolate as well) with even more friends. It was fun. I strongly believe that food made and consumed with friends tastes better. Fritters from yesterday were so good, that I made them again for breakfast today but I tweaked a recipe a bit. I love when dough smells with a lemon and vanilla, so that was my choice. Strawberries are sweet and juicy so it could not be better. If you don’t like a rye flour, you can replace it with a baking one. But give this one a chance, it’s really good.

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May 31

Baked pancake with nectarines

I am so confused lately that it’s hard to concentrate. One day we have a middle of a summer in Berlin to welcome rainy autumn with a next one. I read a book that was supposed to blow my mind just to ask “seriously?” after a last sentence. It happens. But then something special happens. I managed to visit an amazing place thanks to friends. It was a kind of a magical garden, just like from a book and it moved me back to the time of my childhood. I used to spent most of my time outdoors, collect flowers and fruits from my grandma’s garden, spend hours in a forest. I’ve decided to discover my inner child again and to enjoy nature more. Berlin gives you many possibilities, as it’s full of lakes and green areas. I’ll let you know how it went.

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May 27

Sydney Guide

Sydney is my perfect city and I love everything about it - water, beach, architecture, people and vibe. If I could choose one place where I’d like to spend the rest of my life, it would be Sydney. After a beautiful month that’s passed far too fast I refused to leave, but Tomasz tricked me, he’s a smart one. Not many of you know that I used to live in Australia, Sydney for two years and I always wanted to go back. Now I know I will, as I got a small souvenir from there, that guarantees it. Here are few places that I’ve visited during my last stay. It’s not a long list, but it’s good for the beginning.

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May 20

Milk rice with a cherry compote

Sometimes a simple thing turns to be the best one. Last week I’ve met Simone in one of Berlin’s cafes. We were sitting there for 10 minutes that turned out to be 2 hours and I had to run for another meeting. Do you know this feeling when it’s so good to talk to someone that you forget about time? I love it. Simone is an amazing soul plus she’s suggester that I try a milk rice with rhubarb syrup. I knew what it was, as I had it few times before, always in different cafes. But this particular one, OMG, it was amazing. I wanted to lick a jar, but it was our first meeting and I prefer to make a “lady like” impression.

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May 15

Eat Berlin - Shakespeare & Sons

Visiting new places is always exciting, especially when they sound very promising.  If you know Shakespeare & Sons in Prenzlauer Berg (Raumerstrasse 36), you know what I’m talking about.

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